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Swenson for Sheriff

Proven Law Enforcement Record of Accomplishment

For the last twenty-six years South Dakota Highway Patrol Sgt. Steve Swenson has provided exemplary service to South Dakota as a key member of the law enforcement community. Steve has distinguished himself by the quality of his work with federal, state, county and city law enforcement officers to investigate and capture criminals. Steve has received recognition for his record in helping keep South Dakota and Lincoln County families safe with strict DUI and traffic enforcement.  

Committed Family Ties to Lincoln County

Steve has raised his family in Lincoln County and understands the unique and diverse law enforcement needs of Lincoln County. Steve has an eleven-year-old daughter that attends school at Harrisburg North Middle School, and he has worked closely within the Lincoln County school system to teach our youth the important role that our law enforcement officers play in keeping our families safe. Steve has worked within the school system to teach safety and drivers education programs. Steve has taken time to participate as a law enforcement role model in promoting literacy in our schools and to help promote Quiz Bowl.

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